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10/9/05 - Harrisburg PA

'The X' co-host builds quite a body of work

Harrisburg Patriot News
by Barry Fox

There's a saying that broadcasting professions are chosen by some because they "have a face (and body) for radio."

Earl David Reed, one-third of WQXA 105.7 The X's morning show, is doing his best to be the exception to that theory.

A comedian and radio personality, Reed at one time tipped the scales at 245 pounds on a 5-foot-11 frame. Several years ago he got on a fitness/diet program and 60 pounds later began entering bodybuilding contests.

The 43-year-old recently took home three trophies from the National Gym Association's East Coast Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship - second place in men's lightweight masters, second in men's novice and third in the men's lightweight open division.

No word yet on whether his on-air partners, Nipsey and Jen Shade, will join him in the gym any time soon.